Carl Craig<br />13.09.13, Bergen
Carl Craig<br />13.09.13, Bergen
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Carl Craig
13.09.13, Bergen

**Please note, there are more then one poster for this night, you'll find the link at the top left corner of the pic. **Be sure to let us know what you thought of the night here and feel free to upload a picture, a video or some other clever contribution to show your love. Check here for the Facebook event.   Ooooooooooh what a night!!! Sir Carl slayed it! Almost surprisingly pumping techno at its best! Technically impressive, handling four Pioneer decks and effects. Packed room that turned sweaty swimmingpool! All hail!   Sju Fjell Bergsystem turned the lounge into a warm oasis of dub. We love SFB!   (The afterparty is also worth mentioning - Christian Tilt & Thomas Urv back2back in a large ocean cabin for hours and hours)   The poster was designed by Espen Iden and Thomas Paulsen using the beautiful pictures by Cecilie Bannow. Links to the cats involved in this night: Carl Craig Thomas Urv Sju Fjell Bergsystem Anders G VJ BN Espen Iden Cecilie Bannow
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