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Paul Woolford16.05.11, Bergen

**Let us know what you thought of the night here and feel free to upload a picture, a video or some other clever contribution to show your love.   Paul Woolford, the proud son of Leeds, came to Ploink in Bergen with a mission. He fulfilled it. On no less than four cd decks he utterly slaughtered us all and we immediately went straight to Woolford heaven! Oh well.. :)   This was the first Ploink night at our new fave venue Kosmo, Bergen's very best club for electronic and urban music that quickly established itself  throughout 2011. The club offers two floors of music, main stage down stairs and lounge upstairs. Very intimate capacity of just over 200. Paul mentioned he liked the  eye contact with nearly everyone on the dancefloor.. As always on Ploink the crowd got very screamy and into it. VJ BN impressed with his tripple-projected, huge screen grafix and Anders G did his very strange yet powerful Strobe-Performance throughout Paul's set. Resident Thomas Urv warmed up the crowd downstairs while Andreas Lupo djed his trademark ambient, eclectic electronica all night upstairs. The night sold out and was as busy as one would imagine the night before may 17th would be in Norway (norwegian liberation day and national holiday, which makes may 16th norwegian party night no 1). The beautiful poster (and t-shirt) was designed by Svein Kvamme.   Links to the cats involved in this night: Paul Woolford Thomas Urv Andreas Lupo Anders G VJ BN Svein Kvamme    
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