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Joey Beltram21.08.09, Oslo22.08.09, Bergen

So, why only the Oslo flyer for this weekend? Stay tuned for a classic PLOINK tale.. The venue we used in Bergen for most of the night the first half of 2009, a (slightly too) busy year for us, was of course Teknikerkroa. With is impressively unhealthy conditions, damp, fungus everywhere and the perfect trap for any disastrous fire or whatever that could block the entrance, this old tactical headquarter for the Germans during the war was as techno as it gets... Literally deep under ground and with huge bomb-proof bunker doors, that when closed kept everybody out and both noise (i.e. any sound at all) and ravers inside. Furthermore, there was zero mobile phone coverage. Also , situated 10 min walk outside the very small Bergen citycentre so nobody without the techno interested audience would drop by.. Ideal you might say yes.. In the end we basically just shut the doors and kept going after the strict norwegian curfews.. As we did with the absolute brilliant Speedy J night where he live remixed what seemed to be all techno tracks ever released, untill way into the next day.  This is ..not quite according to norwegian law. Anyway, couple of weeks before Beltram arrives, the inevitable visit from the fire department, police, and probably every health agency in Norway, shut down this venue thoroughly & more than likely forever. So what to do.... We call our friends.. We make a private houseparty outside the city.. Joey arrives in Oslo and we have an amazing night at Blå.. We explain the situation and ask whether he is up for djing at a somewhat alternate event.. The rest is Bergen techno history for the books, possibly maybe  also here in more details after we reach the necessary ten year limit on revealing what happens when a legend of his weight djs infront of 80 people with no constrains, from ages 18 till 58 on the livingroom dancefloor somewhere outside Bergen.  
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