Ploink & Sunkissed<br />Oslo Live Festival<br />01.07.08 – 04.07.08, Oslo<br />Various Artists
Ploink & Sunkissed<br />Oslo Live Festival<br />01.07.08 – 04.07.08, Oslo<br />Various Artists
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Ploink & Sunkissed
Oslo Live Festival
01.07.08 – 04.07.08, Oslo
Various Artists

**Please note, there are more then one poster for this night, you’ll find the link at the right, top corner of the pic. **Let us know what you thought of the individual nights here (july 2nd), here (july 2nd) and here (july 3rd). Feel free to upload a picture, a video or some other clever contribution to show your love.   We booked the clubprogram to Quart Festival in Kristiansand in 2008 but the whole festival was cancelled. In its wake a new festival in Oslo called Oslo Live was quickly set up and we were invited to work with them instead. We moved some of the artists already confirmed for Quart Festival's program and co-operated with Oslo's finest club concept, Sunkissed, in making some magic nights together at Fabrikken. A rough venue where Sunkissed since long had already perfected a club production with countless brilliant nights. Artists included live concerts from Audion,  Mathew Jonson, Alter Ego and Surgeon, over three nights. Sunkissed residents G-ha & Olanskii as well as Ploink resident Thomas Urv supported. The amazing poster was designed by Sigarett for Oslo Live Festival. We love the tiger.   Links to the cats involved in these nights: Audion,  Mathew Jonson, Alter Ego and Surgeon G-Ha, Olanskii and Thomas Urv Sunkissed Sigarett Design
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