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Speedy J LIVE29.05.09, Oslo30.05.09, Bergen

**Let us know what you thought of the night here or here and feel free to upload a picture, a video or some other clever contribution to show your love. Speedy J finally found his way back to  Bergen, with more toys then ever... He last saw these woods when touring Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim, headlining classic touring club concept Elektra in 2001. This time he played the bunker.. This was one of the very few unforgettable nights when we closed the WW2 bombproof doors after curfew and just kept going, giving out free (and very poor) red wine  to the maybe 100 very lucky ravers that managed to stay behind.. There was zero mobile phone signal in the bunker and the doors could not be opened from outside, so we very effectively dug in.. Jochem kept playing and playing.. and playing.. for more hours than we know, into the next day. It all turned into a surreal  scene within the concrete walls deep under the city park, with people going happily insane. Memorable indeed. As ever, Anders G did his very strange yet powerful Strobe-Performance throughout the night. And day. Pål From The Streets and resident Thomas Urv warmed up the crowd and then started dancing. VJ MoVee surely blinded us with his crazy grafix. The beautiful posters was designed by Duplex.
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