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Ploink Til Fjells23.07.10, Bergen Mountain

**Let us know what you thought of the night here and feel free to upload a picture, a video or some other clever contribution to show your love.   One of those surreal events one hardly believed really happened.. Bergen has a long history with outdoor parties, often on top of any of our mountains, and this was one of those classic nights.. Put simply a Proper Bergen Mountain Rave.. Roland Lifjell and Thomas Urv played together from midnight for unknown hours in a small bunker with sick views of the fjord, the sea and Bergen herself. Then Christian Tilt and Incus from Solemen played a live set from hell together before Roland and Thomas continued til noon. People were  getting lost on the floor as well as in the woods. VJ 2R projected some of the scariest visuals ever seen in a mountain bunker. There were lasers. There was smoke. Much smoke. And the distant thunder of a diesel motor running the game from inside the woods... Magic. Click names below for more on the cats involved in making this night: Roland Lifjell Thomas Urv Christian Tilt & Incus (Solemen) VJ 2R
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